The historic gathering of students, animators, and the Archbishop at La Salle University was a spirit filled evening of prayer and sharing.

Moving forward, we have synthesized what was shared at the All-Campus gathering as well as over 40 listening sessions conducted across Philadelphia’s Catholic Higher Ed.

The report has been shared with the campus leaders as well as Archbishop Perez and his team.

If we are to be a listening Church, then the responsibility of creating a Church where people feel seen, heard and valued is as much our responsibility as anyone else’s. The hopes voiced through the listening sessions will help move the Church forward by sharing the dreams and concerns of students, and the movement of the Holy Spirit through our faithful listening.

Summary Report

Nearly 400 students have translated the central callings of the synod: Communion, Participation, and Mission. We offer the following recommendations for journeying forward together as a synodal church on our campuses, in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and in our national Church.

All-Campus Gathering Gallery

April 4th, the historic gathering of students from across Philadelphia’s Catholic Higher Ed to listen to the Holy Spirit’s call for the Church amidst the Synod on Synodality taking place across the entire Catholic Church.

Photo courtesy of Dan Nguyen
Photo courtesy Archbishop Perez
Photo courtesy Archbishop Perez
Photo courtesy of Dan Nguyen